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Want to know how much you can win? Work out your potential returns of a Single Stakes About Bet with our simple bet calculator and we’ll also show you a simple breakdown of your winnings.

BetVictor no longer offers the following bet type but our simple build your own bet calculator will guide you on the best bets available for the amount of selections you want - Try it now.
What is a Single Stakes About bet?

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What is a Single Stakes About Bet?

Single Stakes About is bet consisting of 2 selections taking part in different events, which are combined to produce two bets derived from 2 Singles. Any return on each Single up to the original stake, is used to fund a further Single on the other selection. This is also known as an up and down, cross bet.

How many bets in a Single Stakes About Bet?

There are 2 bets in a Single Stakes About Bet

How does a Single Stakes About Bet work?

A successful win on bet 1 allows the original stake to be rolled on to bet 2.

How Do you calculate a Single Stakes About Bet?

To calculate a Single Stakes About Bet assume the stake is £10 across the bet. Bet 1 is a 3/1 Single Bet. A win equals £40 return (£3 return for every 1 pound staked plus the stake returned). Bet 2 is a 2/1 Single Bet using the stake of bet 1 (£10) from the return from the win of bet 1. A bet 2 win equals a £30 (£2 return for every £1 staked = £20 plus the original stake of £10) The total return is therefore £60. This breaks down as £30 from bet 1 (£40 return minus the original stake rolled on to bet 2) and £30 return from bet 2.