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Find our simple guide to how to place a Reverse Forecast bet and how it works.

Reverse Forecast bets cannot be calculated prior to the start of the race as the forecast terms are announced once the race has been run. You can find the post-forecast terms on our Goals Feed
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How many types of forecast betting are there?

There can be a straight or a reverse forecast. These can be single, double or treble bets.

What is a Straight Forecast?

A Straight Forecast bet allows you to select two runners where you are predicting which will finish 1st and which will finish 2nd.

The Straight Forecast dividend is also the name of the value paid out per pound staked following the outcome of a race. To find out the Straight Forecast dividend of past races please check the BetVictor Results Feed

What is a Reverse Forecast?

A Reverse Forecast bet allows you to select two runners from the same event to finish 1st and 2nd in any order to generate a return.

How many bets are there in a straight and reverse forecast?

There is 1 Single Bet in a Straight Forecast and there are 2 Single Bets in a Reverse Forecast.

How does a Straight Forecast bet work?

Upon the completion of a race, a straight forecast price will be provided (see the BetVictor Results Feed for past races). Multiply the straight forecast by the stake to provide the return as illustrated below.

Straight Forecast Explained

How does a Reverse Forecast bet work?

The Reverse Forecast is a bet on two runners finishing 1st and 2nd in one half and the reverse in the second half of the bet. It is effectively two straight forecasts with opposing predicted results meaning the stake is double compared to a Straight Forecast. This is illustrated below.

Reverse Forecast Explained

How does a Reverse Forecast Double or Treble work?

A Reverse Forecast Double is utilising a 2 single Reverse Forecasts where the return of race 1 are used as the stake for race 2. A Reverse Forecast Treble simply uses the return of race 2 as the stake for race 3. We have illustrated a Reverse Forecast Double below

Reverse Forecase Double