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Want to know how much you can win? Work out your potential returns of a Double Bet with our simple bet calculator and we’ll also show you a simple breakdown of your winnings.

What is a Double bet?

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What is a Double bet?

A Double bet is a single bet across two selections that requires both to win in order to generate a return.

How many bets are in a Double Bet?

There is 1 bet across 2 selections in a Double

How does a Double Bet work?

If the first bet were to win its returns are rolled over as a stake for the second selection, both selections must be separate events for a Double Bet to be valid.

How do you calculate a Double Bet?

To calculate a Double Bet assume the stake is £10 across the bet. Bet 1 is a 3/1 Single Bet. A win equals £40 return (£3 return for every 1 pound staked plus the stake returned). Bet 2 is a 2/1 Single Bet using the return of bet 1 as the stake. A win equals a £120 return (£2 return for every £1 staked = £80 plus the original £40 stake)