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Want to know how much you can win? Work out your potential returns of a Heinz Flag Bet with our simple bet calculator and we’ll also show you a simple breakdown of your winnings.

What is a Heinz Flag bet?

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What is a Heinz Flag Bet?

A Heinz Flag Bet is a bet on 6 selections taking part in different events consisting of 15 Doubles, 20 Trebles, 15 Four-Folds, 6 Five-Folds, 1 Six-Fold Accumulator and 15 Single Stake About Bets in pairs totalling 87 bets. A single win from any selection ensures a return. It is similar to a Heinz Bet with the added 15 pairs of Single Stake About Bets.

How many bets in a Heinz Flag?

There are 87 bet combinations in a Heinz Flag Bet

How does a Heinz Flag Bet work?

A Heinz Flag Bet combines the maximum variation of Double, Treble, Four, Five and Six-Fold Accumulator with Single Stakes About Bets across 6 selections.

How Do you calculate a Heinz Flag Bet?

Add together the return of each winning Double, Treble, Four, Five, Six-fold Accumulator or SSA Bet. A single win from any selection ensures a return.