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Want to know how much you can win? Work out your potential returns of an Each Way Bet with our simple bet calculator and we’ll also show you a simple breakdown of your winnings.

What is an Each Way bet?

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What is an Each Way Bet?

An Each Way Bet is made up of two separate bets, a Single and a Place Bet.

How does Each Way betting work?

Each Way betting is simply two bets on a single selection. One section of the bet is for a win, the other section is for the bet to be placed; placed is to come between 2nd, 3rd or 4th. So if your selection wins, you’ll be paid for both parts of the bet, but if it’s placed, then you’ll only be paid for the place bet. Each-Way terms vary but quite often they are ¼ or 1/5 the odds.

How do you calculate an Each Way Bet?

To put it into practice, a £5 Each Way Bet totals to £10. If your selection wins at odds of 8/1 your paid out £8 for every pound you spend plus your initial stake of £5 for the win part of the bet. So that’s £45 just for winning. The second part of the bet also has some winnings. If the each way odds are ¼ that means you’ll be paid ¼ of 8/1 for the place part of the bet which is 2/1 for your £5 stake for place that returns another £15. Totalling £60. If you selection was placed, you’d only be entitled to £15 in total just for the place part of your bet as the win section had lost.