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Basketball Betting & Odds

Basketball | Upcoming Matches

Sun 18 Feb
Time Team Handicap Odds Total Points Odds Money Line
03:00 St. Mary's Gaels -14.5 10/11 Over 135.5 10/11 8
Portland U 14.5 10/11 Under 135.5 10/11
03:00 Marquette 6.0 10/11 Over 165.5 10/11 9/4 11
Creighton -6.0 10/11 Under 165.5 10/11 4/11
03:00 California Irvine -5.5 10/11 Over 134 10/11 4/9 11
Cal Poly 5.5 10/11 Under 134 10/11 15/8
03:00 Montana -1.5 10/11 Over 140.5 10/11 4/5 11
Idaho 1.5 10/11 Under 140.5 10/11 21/20
03:00 Utah Utes -7.5 10/11 Over 143.5 10/11 2/7 11
Washington State 7.5 10/11 Under 143.5 10/11 14/5


Mon 19 Feb
Time Team Handicap Odds Total Points Odds Money Line
01:00 All-Stars Lebron -2.5 10/11 8/11 5
All-Stars Stephen 2.5 10/11 23/20

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Basketball Outrights

Bet on Basketball

From the global megastars of the NBA to the biggest match-ups in Europe, South America, Australia and Asia, enjoy a wide variety of basketball betting at BetVictor from the opening tip-off to the end-of-season play-offs.

With the Golden State Warriors, Cleveland Cavaliers and Boston Celtics among its biggest teams and the likes of Lebron James, Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant its most globally-recognisable stars, the NBA remains the number one basketball league in the world. At BetVictor we’ll offer NBA betting throughout the season, with our outright markets giving you the chance to bet on winners from all six divisions, both conferences and, of course, June’s showpiece NBA Finals.

But we don’t just focus on who will be lifting the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy, with our extensive list of outright markets also including Europe’s top continent-wide basketball competitions, the EuroLeague and the EuroCups, along with basketball betting lines for the leagues widely-considered the best outside of the States; Australia's NBL and SBL, Spain’s Liga ACB, Greece’s A1 Basketball League, Argentina’s La Liga and Italy’s Lega Basket Serie A.

NBA betting

When it comes to NBA betting, we know what it takes to be considered MVP. Along with NBA odds for pre-season games, we’ll bring you basketball betting lines throughout the season. And with each of the NBA’s 30 teams playing 82 times a season, on top of February’s All-Star Game and April’s Playoffs featuring the top eight teams from each conference, that’s no shortage of basketball betting all year round.

Our basketball markets include match odds, Money Line, Winning Margin, Overs/Unders and Highest Scoring Quarter. You can even bet In-Play, giving you the opportunity to take advantage of our popular Cash Out option, meaning you can settle your return before the game is even finished.