Aloha! Cluster Pays

Hailing from Swedish online casino game designers NetEnt, Aloha! is all about taking players away from the hum-drum to a faraway beach in the Pacific. The Hawaiian-themed slot game has it all – swaying palm trees, flower necklaces, coconuts, surfboards, and soothing slide guitars. Just sit back, sip a cocktail (or a cuppa) and enjoy the game. First, you’ll notice that there are six reels and five rows, as opposed to the typical five-reel setups seen on many machines. This setup not increases your chances of winning thanks to an increased number of paylines, but also ups the ante with the Cluster Pays™ feature. You’ll also find Sticky Win re-spin, symbol substitution and free spins features, including the symbol drop feature that gets rid of the lowest-paying symbols, meaning higher payouts!

How Aloha! Cluster Pays Works

The first thing you’ll need to do when playing Aloha! for the first time is to choose a wager. Thanks to the six-reel system, the game focuses on the ‘Cluster Pay’ system, whereby paylines are substituted for groups of symbols that can join together anywhere on the reels. The more symbols you can get clustered together, the bigger the payout!

All you need to do is select a wager, from as little as 10p per spin up to £200 if you’re feeling particularly lucky. Remember, a good strategy is to make the fun last by betting amounts that won’t make your funds run out straight away, but also bearing in mind that if you restrict your stake, you won’t win as much if the machine does payout!

The main aim of the game is to link up a minimum of nine symbols in a cluster. Depending on the rarity and power of the symbol, the payout increases as you link better symbols through your game time. Symbols include:

  • Pink flower, with the lowest payout
  • Clamshell
  • Half coconut
  • Pineapple
  • Blue tiki mask
  • Green tiki mask
  • Red totem mask, with the highest payout

Unlike other slot games, which require matching symbols to be arranged across paylines, Cluster Pays games are all about creating unbroken groups to unlock big wins. Getting as many matching symbols or wilds together is the key to unlocking coins wins, so start getting excited if you see a big group of symbols slotting into place as the reels fall into place!

Aloha! Cluster Pays Features

Aloha! Offers more than just payouts for clustered symbols. There are also a few key additional features which can turn big wins into huge ones.

Sticky Win Respin

If you manage to group nine or more symbols across the reels, then the Sticky Win Respin feature kicks in. Here, the nine or more clustered symbols stay in place, and the other non-matching symbols around them spin again.

With any luck, this should grow the size of the cluster to unlock an even bigger win. The big benefit here is that you’ve already secured your win and are simply increasing the chances of growing it by re-spinning the reels without losing any winnings.

Free Spin Bonus

NetEnt is all about giving a little something back to the player, so it wouldn’t be a proper NetEnt title without some free spins! Keep an eye out for the free spin symbols. Between three and six free spin symbols can pop up at any time, which in turn unlock between nine and 12 free spins – which could all unlock massive wins!

Where to Play Aloha! Cluster Plays Slot Game

Thanks to some clever coding, the Aloha! slot game can be enjoyed pretty much anywhere with an internet connection! Whether it’s cheering up a dull train journey or bagging some extra cash in bed, Aloha! Cluster Plays can be enjoyed on iOS, Android, PC and Mac.

Is it Worth Trying the Aloha! Cluster Pays Slot Game?

Absolutely! As well as the fantastic graphics and fun soundtrack, you’ll benefit from an RTP of 96.42%.

The other big benefit to playing Aloha! Cluster Pays is the symbol grouping system, something which makes it stand out from other slots on the market. This grouping makes each win feel more tactile and is easier to spot, rather than having to keep an eye on a bunch of different paylines, making gameplay a lot more exciting.

So, if you’re in desperate need of a sunny pacific beach but don’t have the bank balance to hop on a plane to Hawaii, whack on some soothing steel slide guitar, bump up the heating and start enjoying the wavy palm trees and big cash wins in Aloha! Cluster pays.

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