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If you ever need to get in touch with someone while you're playing poker, you can use the Manager Chat to talk to our site hosts. They're a friendly bunch, and will do absolutely everything they can to make your poker experience as good as it can be.

So you know who you're talking to, allow us to introduce our hosts:


Host Andy

Andy (Andy-host)

Long, tall and silly Andy has a good poker story. While working in a casino, he used to deal for Simon "Aces" Trumper, a winner of Late Night Poker. His hobbies are an eclectic mix, including carpentry, wing chun, badminton, fantasy fiction and, of course, poker. His favourite film is Amazon Women on the Moon and his top book is Jack Kerouac's beat-classic On the Road.

Host Tracy

Tracey (Host-Tracey)

Tracey is a flourishing bouquet of charm and decadence and a fabulous maker of tea; looking for a nice boy with a po-w-sh accent and an education (sorry is this not a dating service?) Cuddly puppies and flower pressing galore! Tracey is a master painter and sculptor of the human form, but her masterpiece is a work in progress; too busy day dreaming... more tea vicar??

Host Alison

Alison's (Host-Alison)

Alison works the graveyard shift and graveyard being the correct term. Alison says it because she prefers the quieter shifts; however there have been numerous reports of late night sacrifices followed by cheese and biscuits. Some have said Alison is the elusive and mysterious leader of the "Church of the Goat". The cult following is allegedly comprised of other night shift workers, like Gary and ex-TV superstar Noel Edmunds" [citation needed]. Despite all her differences Alison is a great addition to the asylum team, if only she would only stop howling at the moon.

Host Keira

Joanne (Host-Joanne)

Always, but Always on the go, I am sure she lives in the office. Tall & Blonde(ish) nothing is too much trouble for HostJoanne apart from tea making duty which she shirks in favour of COFFEEEEEEEE from the ever present vending machine. Mum to Vicky, Ben & Luke she is always in demand, but manages to be where she’s needed all the time we think she has a time machine!

Host Steve

Mitch (Host-Mitch)

Originally modelled for the role of the BFG, the likeness is uncanny. HostMitch roars of into the sunset in full-on leathers on his favourite toy his Suzi GSX650 A keen poker player he is always up for a live game to top up his weekly pocket money.

Host Chris

Park (Host-Park)

Otherwise known as Jim his favourite saying is “I’m new to the business, though not as green as I am cabbage looking”

Host Dawn

Dawn (Dawn-Host)

Dawn likes to go shopping on her days off and enjoys spending time with her family. She also likes to go out socialising with friends and having a general good night out. When not out and about, you can find her at the beach relaxing and working on her tan. A fan of travel and exotic food, Dawn tries to escape for a little getaway when she can.

Host Lee

Lee (Host-LeeL)

Never to be seen on an early shift due to sleepless nights crying over the latest Arsenal result, Lee has tendency towards sarcasm but is easily controlled by mentioning his middle name which he shares with star of screen and stage Ronald McDonald who is also his hero and should he ever leave poker support will be first in the queue for a new pair of stripey trousers!

Host Frank

Frank (Frank-Host)

He’s the dad in the team, he’s old, he’s bald, he’s Scottish and he’s not cool at all. But, for some reason, everybody loves Frank the Tank! Out of the office Frank spends time with his family (when he isn’t down at the pub) and runs around in Gibraltar with his Scottish flag, in his kilt of course, shouting William Wallace lines from Braveheart (which is Frank’s favourite movie of course). Frank is the best heads-up poker player the earth ever seen - or so he says.

Host Frank

Shaun (Host-Shaun)

Dedicated, Respectable, Amazing Sense of Humour. Just a few of the things Shaun Lacks. Nicknamed ASBO, Shaun is the youngest and best looking of all the Host’s here at VC. A Hardcore Cricket player with a penchant for modelling and drinking, this Host can always be relied upon to get your problem solved, his drink finished and a full over of 6’s in before you realise what’s happened. Just don’t get him started on his hair or pink t-shirts….

Host Frank

Belinda (Host-Belinda)

Belinda Ba BA Ba BOOM– is currently taking a stop gap from her usual career as a Superstar DJ. With a passion for Gabba and Hardcore she has rocked the decks in some amazing locations – including the North pole to crowd of 16 (polar bears). She’s a happy go lucky chick with a big heart and even bigger hair.

Host Frank

Dom (Host-Dom)

Dominik "Field Mouse" Ogarr There's an old saying when we talk about Dom, you don't walk with Dom you walk among him. Dom joined VC about three years ago after doing an 8 year stint in the HDES (That's Hotdog Eating Syndicate for those that didn't know). His knowledge of the game is extraordinary and he's the one member of the team that loves to think outside the box. In our weekly meetings he often likes to use the quote "as cunning as a field mouse". Legend has it; his shadow once killed a dog.

Host Frank

Marie (Host-Marie)

A touch of gentleness along with a saucy French accent are two of the many positive traitsHost Marie possesses. If she’s not moaning about the lack of fresh made coffee service in the office, she’s seducing the customers on the phone with her accent. Host Marie, although fairly bright can be a little dull at times when it comes to English humour with phrases such as ‘Stick it in’ and ‘If I get under the table, can you grab my thing’ having been used in the past.

Host Frank

Geraldine (Host-Geraldine)

A French host with the funkiest dress sense in the whole of VC. She makes all her own clothes and loves to be bright and colourful. She claims to have once been married to fellow French fashion designer Jean-Paul Gaultier. And have been the inspiration for all his ideas and designs, however this information was never published as she is far too modest and didn’t want the attention. The partnership broke up when she had a secret affair with Pierre Cardin. Although she claimed it was simply re-con work, she left France with her head held high to pursue a life away from the glamour and media.

Host Frank

Susan (Host-Susan)

A newcomer to Bet Victor Poker team and the rumours have been plentiful. She is a quiet one is our Sue keeping her head down and progressing within her work but we do believe this to be a front for some more un-sociable activities. Possibly a Satanist, she has attempted to gain access to Alison’s late night sacrifices with promises of better biscuits, (probably from Marks and Sparks) and has claimed to provide her own Goats, but it’s any excuse to get the spear and rope out for Susan as she does love a good hunt and relishes a fresh kill in a morning!

Host Frank

Garry (Host-Garry)

As you read more and more about our hosts you get a sense of their background and how they came to work for VC. However Garry can't seem to remember or perhaps doesn't want to remember. Rumours circulated for months about his previous occupation. Some said a political figure, Ex SAS and others said used car sales man from Essex, we in the Team all favour the SAS theory as that would explain the way he abseils into the office every morning !

Host Frank

Mashuki (Host-Mashuki)

Mashuki is not Japanese despite his name suggests. He maintains that he is from Saudi Arabia but to this day, his origins are unknown. Apart from supporting our players, we’ve twisted his arm to deal with PC and translation issues as well. Here is a man who’s very mysterious and complicated that cannot be described by just a few words.

Host Frank

Wings (Host-Wings)

Wing is often inundated with questions about his name. Players often ask him if that’s his real name or it’s just a nick for the manager’s chat. Well, I’m going to state it for the record, it’s part of his first name. Wing is a Manga fan and you can often find him gaming online or fooling around trying to find friends through various community websites when he is not working or to be more accurate when he’s not in the office.

Host Frank

Randy (Host-Randy)

One of the longer standing hosts, we call him Aunty around here. Don’t let his ‘housewife’ façade fool you though. He is as good a poker player as any I’ve met (but I haven’t met many). He possesses the ‘attractive’ figure of a stick man but he really should look more like Benny Hill with the amount of food he consumes.

Host Frank

Johnathan (Host-Johnathan)

This fellow might as well change his name to Liverpool. Despite being based as far away from Anfield as is possible, his passion for the red half of Merseyside is legendary. Now here is one’s physique resembles Benny Hill but goes to the gym to work out so that he can kid himself he will be the next James Bond, if only he could treat chocolate with the same distaste he has for Liverpool’s city rival he might stand a chance.