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VC Student Poker Championships 2007

2007 saw the VC Student Poker Championships moving off campus and into the environs of the Loose Cannon Poker Club for a thrilling finale that tested the nerve of these poker prodigies under the bright lights of the television cameras. More...



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VC Student Poker Championships 2006

The VC Student Poker Championships for 2006 culminated under the bright lights of the PokerBowl for a televised tournament finale that tested the mettle of our young poker prodigies. With many of them weened on televised tournaments, it was a chance to finally emulate their favorite poker heroes and attain some celebrity status of their own. Who stepped up under the glare of the spotlight? Have a look and see...


Bet Victor Poker CUP 2005

Bet Victor Poker TV Ads

Bet Victor Poker Cup 2005

VC guaranteed a cool half-a-million and a tournament format that emphasised skilful play over the latest television trend. The result was a tournament that attracted some of the biggest names in poker for a true battle royal. Enjoy. More...


Bet Victor Poker Crack My Poker Face

Crack My Poker Face

Every poker player knows the value of penetrating the secrecy of the poker face, but no poker face ever had to deal with this before! Taking this classic psychological challenge to new extremes, Bet Victor Poker unveiled Crack My Pokerface wherein our eager (and often naked!) contestants did whatever the law would allow to crack the pokerface and win the cash. Warning, do not try this at home! Unless of course, you fancy the title of village idiot. More...