Scarab online slot game is inspired by ancient Egypt. It’s certainly not the only Egypt themed slot game out there, but it’s certainly one of the best looking. Visually it is stunning. The artwork, animation and gorgeous symbols perfectly fit the theme (the symbolically important Scarab beetle playing a central role of course) and yet don’t detract from the gameplay. The gameplay is enthralling. Not just a standard slot game, this comes packed with unique Wild Features and the stake options are huge (up to 2250 per spin), with an RTP of 96%. And to round it off, the High Priestess overlooking your gameplay is backed up by a great soundtrack.

How to Play

Scarab online slot is a 5 reel, 3 row, 75 payline game.

You can stake from 0.75 all the way up to 2,250 per spin with a 200x max win potential.

To get started you simply pick your stake and hit spin. You activate Bonus features and Free Spin rounds as you progress.

Game Rules

There are two main Bonus Features in Scarab.

Wild Stays, Charges Then Pays

The Scarab symbol is either gold, red or blue jewels. Thanks to the synchronized reels mechanic in this game, you can land lots of them at once and can lead to lots of combination wins.

They act as normal Wilds but when you land one, a Golden Frame appears laid over the square where the Wild appeared. This stays in place and more squares are added the more Wilds you land. A counter keeps track of how many spins until you reach 10, at which point all the golden squares you have built up, turn back into Wilds, creating one almighty Wild bonanza and all the wins that come with it.

Bonus Spins

If you land 3 or more Scatter symbols (Pyramids) at any point in the game on the same spin you will get to choose from 3 Bonus spin options.

  • 3 Scatters
    • 15 spins and 5 Wilds
    • 10 spins and 7 Wilds
    • 5 spins and 10 Wilds
  • 4 Scatters
    • 30 spins and 5 Wilds
    • 20 spins and 7 Wilds
    • 10 spins and 10 Wilds
  • 5 Scatters
    • 45 spins and 5 Wilds
    • 30 spins and 7 Wilds
    • 15 spins and 10 Wilds

The 10 Wilds option, whatever your Scatter number, is the most volatile and can lead to the biggest wins at the cost of fewer spins.

Symbols & Themes

The theme of Scarab online slots is a classic done particularly well.

Here are the symbols and their values for getting 5 on a payline:

  • High priestess – 2.67x stake (symbol fills a whole reel)
  • Ankh cross – 1x stake
  • Eye of Horus – 1x stake
  • Hatshepsut – 0.8x stake
  • Horus – 0.8x stake
  • Anubis – 0.8x stake
  • Maahes – 0.8x stake
  • Royal symbols – 0.4x stake

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