Reel Gambler

There can’t be a more iconic theme for a slot game. Reel Gambler online slot is a trip back a decade or so to when times were much more innocent and fruit machines featured plenty of actual fruit symbols. Reel Gambler has stripped back visuals but with a fancy twist where you can see the cabinet at a variety of different angles, just as you might have done back in the day to see what symbols might be just around the corner. It’s a high tech version of the old school style game with a ton of cool features and a great opportunity to win big.

How to Play

Reel Gamblers is a traditional (of course) 3 reels, 3 rows set up. With 5 paylines. If you find the more elaborate options of some of the newest slot games a bit confusing, then this perfect. Great for beginners and purists alike.

The minimum bet is 0.4, while the maximum bet is 50.

There is a host of bonus features, which are covered below, and a mighty tempting Gamble Feature where you can stake your total winnings in one heroic flourish.

Auto-play can be engaged by hitting the smaller button on top of the standard Spin buttons. This allows you to set up 10, 25, 50 or 100 spins once you’ve chosen your stake, so you can sit back and relax and let the machine do the hard work.

Game Rules

There is a load of great bonus features to keep things interesting in this stripped back slot game.


An all-important big win is yours if you manage to land 3 Jackpot symbols in a row.

Bonus Round

To access the bonus round, you need to land 3 Bonus Symbols across the reels. This activates the Reel Gambler Bonus Round where you are assigned one of 7 features:

Bonus Round: Multiplier

With this you’re given a random multiplier worth up to 10x. This is added to your total winnings at the end of the Bonus Round.

Bonus Round: Red Repeater

In this feature, you are dealt cards. Every red card means you get to keep spinning and racking up wins. But land a black card and that’s the end of your run.

Bonus Round: Full House

This moves all 9 symbols across the game board and 9 identical new symbols in their place. This will give you a 3×3 winning combination instantly.

Bonus Round: Black to Black

In this feature you’re dealt a card at random. If it’s black then the reels spin and you get a bigger win. If it’s red however, the game is over—basically the reverse of the Red Repeater game.

Bonus Round: Stop a Fruit

Absolute classic game this one. The symbols will spin past one by one until you hit the Start button. Whatever it lands on, the reels will rotate and land a win for you for that symbol.

Bonus Round: Spin a Win

Instant winning combination.

Bonus Round: Win Series

Random amount of spins awarded to you with guaranteed wins

Symbols & Themes

Reel Gambler has the most classic theme you can imagine for an online slot game. From the fruit all the way through to the classic bonuses, with some modern touches slipped in here and there.

  • Standard Symbols – Bars, Grapes, Watermelons, Cherries, Oranges, Bells, Game Logo
  • Bonus Symbol – Bonus Round
  • Jackpot Symbol – Jackpot

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