Get ready for an alien invasion with Reactoonz, the high octane extra-terrestrial online slot game. This seven-reel video slot is packed with funky alien imagery and crazy sounds, plus five lucrative bonus rounds that increase the chances of winning those big money prizes. With a top prize of more than 4,500 times the stake amount, Reactoonz, which has a cool theme and a plethora of additional features, is an of this world online slot game.

How to Play

You can play Reactoonz online slots on desktop and mobile devices, but you’ll need to create a BetVictor account if you want to meet these cosmic critters. It only takes a couple of minutes to sign up with BetVictor.

Once you’re ready,  place your bet — between £0.20 and £100 — and set the reels in motion.

Game Rules

There’s plenty going on during the game, which is played on a seven-by-seven grid. The main things to look out for are the Quantum Leap features, which when used up, bring the three-eyed Gargantoon wild into play.

Quantum Leap

During a spin one of the Quantum Leap features — Implosion, Alteration, Demolition or Incision — will be queued, then deployed at the end of the round. Quantum Leap happens in four ways:


Three to six symbols become wild while adjacent symbols are destroyed.


A low-value symbol transforms into another symbol (it will transform to a high-value symbol if there are no low-value symbols on the reel).


Low-value symbols are destroyed and removed from the reels.


A wild is split in the centre, creating two diagonal lines running through the grid, before a random symbol is selected.

Wilds and Multipliers 

Wilds appear in the game in two different ways — during a spin, an alien symbol will glow and form a combination with symbols around it. Alternatively, the Gargantoon, which is the three-eyed alien, may be summoned and will add between four and eight wilds, but only after non-winning spins.

The Gargantoon wild only comes into play when Implosion, Alteration, Demolition and Incision have been used up.

Symbols and Themes

Gargantoon, who is the leader of the Reactoonz, has an army which consists of eight different aliens — the four two-eyed aliens are the high-value symbols, and four one-eyed aliens are the low-paying symbols.

In Reactoonz online slots, wins are only awarded if five or more symbols, touching horizontally and/or vertically, crash down and land on the playreels.

Special Symbols


Gargantoon, which is the game’s wild, stands to the right-hand side of the reels and only comes into play occasionally. He is a grey three-eyed alien which adds between four and eight wilds after non-winning spins.

There are many different ways the high and low paying symbols payout, with more detailed information on win multiples provided in the Reactoonz in-game menu.

High Paying Symbols

  • Two-eyed pink alien
  • Two-eyed green alien
  • Two-eyed yellow alien
  • Two-eyed blue alien

Low Paying Symbols  

  • One-eyed purple alien
  • One-eyed red alien
  • One-eyed green alien
  • One-eyed yellow alien

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