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Here at BetVictor we know that people like to bet on what’s on the front page as well as the back, which is why we offer a range of markets and competitive odds for political betting.

If the results of the Brexit referendum in the UK and the election of Donald Trump in the USA caused political shockwaves around the world, it also showed that those who like to bet on political events are likely to have plenty more opportunities to do so in the months and years that follow.

Best American Political Betting Markets

Following his surprise victory over Hillary Clinton, much of the political betting odds surrounding President Trump now focus on whether he will serve a second term or become the first President since George H. W. Bush to fail in his re-election bid. We’ll also provide a market if you think he’ll struggle to remain leader of the free world even that long.

British Political Betting

Over on this side of the Atlantic the British politics betting is just as intriguing, with the Brexit vote setting off a series of events that has dramatically changed the political landscape, making it a prime time for political betting.

Best British Political Betting Specials

With specials available on all British political parties including who will be next party leader, you can see the latest British politics odds whether you want to bet on the future fortunes of Labour, the Conservatives, Liberal Democrats, the Green Party, or UKIP.

Best Brexit Betting Markets

The UK political landscape has been dominated by one thing in the last two and a half years. Brexit. You simply can’t get away from it. And while many of us are suffering from Brexit-fatigue, the myriad of potential options ensures there are plenty of Brexit betting markets to keep us entertained, whether that’s a second referendum, an extension of Article 50 or a No-Deal Brexit.

UK General Election Betting Odds

And should yet another election be called in the UK, you can be certain that here at BetVictor we’ll bring you the latest political betting and political odds, allowing you to bet on who will be next Prime Minister and which party will win the most seats as well as bets and odds on individual constituency seats.

In-Play Election Betting with Bet Victor

To add to the excitement on election day and night, you’ll be able to bet on the election In-Play through our desktop and mobile sites as well as the BetVictor app.