1.  BetVictor reserves the right to refuse the whole or any part of any bet request for any reason. Once a bet has been confirmed, it cannot be changed or cancelled other than in exceptional circumstances. We also reserve the right to close any account without obligation to state a reason.

2.  Live betting whilst an event is occurring we will refer to as ‘in running’.  Where a match begins and bets taken whilst an event is in running, if for any reason (such as loss of pictures or scout stream) we cannot continue betting until the end of that event, any and all bets taken will still stand and be settled when the event has been completed and when the result in known.

3.  If a match is abandoned or the original scheduled amount of time isn’t played or completed, or a player/team withdraws then all bets where the result has already been determined will stand and all bets yet to be determined will be void.  For example, player B retires in the second set, all bets on the first set stand but all bets for the match are void regardless of player A progressing to the next round.

4.  Odds quoted are relative to the named players scheduled to play.  In the event of a change of opponent or the match-up we display isn’t the correct fixture, then all bets are void.

5.  All bets will be settled on the official tournament result as adjudicated by the tournament organiser or official organisational body.  Subsequent changes, disqualifications and/or appeals will not affect settlement of bets.

6.  If we experience any technical failure or any delays in updating prices, suspending or closing events, any bet accepted after the event has occurred and the result is known, we will deem to be late and we will make void and return all stakes.

7.  If we make an obvious and clear pricing error, we reserve the right to offer the client the correct price if the event hasn’t started yet or, at our discretion, void the bet.  This may be a system/technical fault or a palpable inputting error.  If this error occurs whilst betting live and in running, we reserve the right to void all bets and return stakes.

8.  Odd/Even Markets - Any score of zero is deemed to be even for settlement purposes.

9.  A Push will be declared if a draw or tie hasn’t been quoted (as in a 2 way who will win the match market) and draw or tie occurs.  When a Push is declared stakes are returned.

10.  We reserve the right to suspend any or all betting on a market at any time without notice.

11.  Information displayed (including video, scoreboards, times etc) for LIVE In-Running betting is for use as a guide only and any information displayed will NOT be used as a basis for bet settlement and should not be used as a basis for bet placement.  Whilst every effort is made to ensure this information is correct, in the event of any such information being incorrect, BetVictor assumes no liability for this. Live video transmissions are subject to delays, which may vary by customer.

Maximum Payout Limits

Please see here for Maximum Payout Details


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