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Rugby League | Next Matches

Fri 29 May
Time Match Outcome 3-Way Handicap Match Betting
19:00 Hunslet v Sheffield Championship Matches


12.010/11 3/1 2


Hunslet +1214/1 25/1


-12.010/11 2/9
19:00 Newcastle Thunder v York Championship 1

Newcastle Thunder

-10.010/11 3/10 2


Newcastle Thunder -1014/1 22/1


10.010/11 12/5
Sat 30 May
Time Match Outcome 3-Way Handicap Match Betting
05:00 Gold Coast Titans v South Sydney Rabbitohs NRL Matches

Gold Coast Titans

4.010/11 6/4 29


Gold Coast Titans +416/1 20/1

South Sydney Rabbitohs

-4.010/11 1/2
07:30 Canberra Raiders v Brisbane Broncos NRL Matches

Canberra Raiders

-2.010/11 8/11 27


Canberra Raiders -214/1 14/1

Brisbane Broncos

2.010/11 11/10
09:30 North Qland Cowboys v Manly Sea Eagles NRL Matches

North Queensland Cowboys

-12.010/11 2/9 30


North Qland Cowboys -1214/1 22/1

Manly Sea Eagles

12.010/11 3/1

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