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Welcome to the BetVictor Club

Welcome to the BetVictor Club

Welcome To The Club

Welcome to the BetVictor Club. The BetVictor Club is open to anyone that holds a valid account with BetVictor and comprises exclusive community features together with a free play poker league paying real cash prizes.

Once you have an account with BetVictor then becoming a fully fledged member of the BetVictor Club is as easy as one, two, three.

Getting Started

  • Download. Download the BetVictor poker software and create a Poker Nickname by logging into the Poker Room.
  • Log In. Log in to the BetVictor Club and create your Profile
  • Take the Quiz. Take The Quiz and achieve a pass mark of 80% or more
  • More information

BetVictor Club

Strategy By Slim

7 Reasons Why Your Mother Is Better At Poker Than You!

7 Reasons Why Mother

Strategy By Slim

7 Ways Genghis Khan Could Make You A Better Poker Player


Weekly Round Up

- Bad Beat or not Bad Beat? BetVictor player aaaabbcc loses €17 in hand with straight flush and wins €12,638.62 on the Bad Beat Jackpot

- You heard it here first – Mary gets drunk on St Patrick’s Day!!!

- History repeats itself as Vikings once more seen in Dublin – Coldmix brings a bit of rape and pillage to the poker table to take down live tournament

- TP splits Split after Day 1 but BV patches provide safe passage through border

- Daughter steals father’s iPad – Kevsyboy establishes FIFA campaign (Free iPads For All) as a result

- Rocko hits rock bottom and without mentioning names, blames TP, Messy and Gringo for taking his chips – wants iPad in compensation.


Leaderboard for May 2015 FPL : In Progress : Last Updated Wed 27 May 15:18

Rank Movement Nickname Country Level Prize RPL Points
1 0 -blmt-BV- >10 €150.00 1789.10
2 3 IANAHB >10 €100.00 1784.91
3 1 juniorek20 >10 €75.00 1780.65
4 -1 Simliskut142 >10 €50.00 1761.58
5 -3 x_PLOD_x >10 €30.00 1754.77
6 0 AreUsureee >10 €25.00 1747.32
7 0 k1lla_uStack >10 €20.00 1738.06
8 3 MariusBunduc <10 €15.00 1717.29
9 3 HeavvyMetall >10 €12.00 1702.63
10 -2 CadryaNusBv >10 €10.00 1700.15