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Lou Krieger Welcome to my Tutorials where you can find all the answers necessary to pass The Quiz and become eligible to participate in the BetVictor Club Free Play League. In total there are five tutorials covering the basics of the game, multi table and single table tournaments, the main differences between cash games and tournaments and finally, bankroll management. If you are new to the game then I suggest that you take the time to read each tutorial before attempting the quiz as not only could it save you having to re-take The Quiz but you will also pick up invaluable knowledge for when it comes to participating in the league events. Good luck!

Lou Krieger

The Tutorials

The Basics

New to the game and in need of an explanation as to how it all works? Then make sure you read this section before anything else and gen up on the mechanics. More

Multi Table Tournaments

Looking to make a million from a micro buy-in? Then this is the section for you. It may not get you all the way to the WSOP Main Event Final Table but it will give you a solid foundation in multi table tournament play and put you on the right road. More

Sit & Go Tournaments

Like the tournament format but don’t have the time to play MTTs? Then Sit & Go (Single Table) Tournaments are the answer. Fast paced and lots of fun, they may not make you a millionaire in one go but play enough of them and your winnings will begin to amass rapidly. More

Cash Games Vs Tournaments

So you’ve decided that cash games are for you? Fair enough but make sure you read this section and understand the differences between cash games and tournaments before taking the plunge into the cash game pool. More

Bankroll Management

Whether you play cash games or tournaments you need a bankroll to stay in the game so its vital you understand the concept of bankroll management if you plan to be in the game long term. More