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Cash Out FAQs


Cash Out Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cash Out?

Cash Out is a sportsbook feature that allows you to take a profit or a loss on your bet before that bet has settled. Cash Out offers are made in real time and your Cash Out offer will reflect live market prices.
When can I use Cash Out?
In order to provide Cash Out in-play, your bet must have been placed on a Cash Out eligible market and that market must be offered in-play. We cannot offer Cash Out on markets that are not offered in-play.
Where can I locate my Cash Out bets?
Cash out eligible bets will appear in your Cash Out zone immediately after your bet has been placed.
What sports is Cash Out available on?
Cash Out is available on Football, Tennis and Basketball.
What betting markets are available for Cash Out?
Initially, Cash Out will be available for single bets and accumulator bets on a selection of the popular markets, listed below.

(Football) Match Betting
(Football) Match Betting – 1st Half and 2nd Half
(Football) To Win Extra Time
(Football) To Win Penalty Shootout
(Football) Total Goals Over/Under
(Football) Both Teams To Score
(Football) Both Teams To Score 1st Half and 2nd Half
(Football) Match Result and Both Teams To Score
(Football) Correct Score
(Football) Correct Score Half Time
(Football) Correct Score Extra Time
(Football) Asian Handicaps
(Football) Asian Goal Lines
(Tennis) Match Winner
(Tennis) Set Winner
(Tennis) Set Betting (Match)
(Basketball) Handicap
(Basketball) Total Points
(Basketball) Money Line


How Can I Cash Out Accumulators
In order for an accumulator to be Cash Out eligible, all legs of the bet must come from the list of markets above.  For Example: 

• A Treble where all legs of the bet are Match Betting – 90 minutes markets, would be eligible for Cash Out once those matches are offered In-Play. 
• A Treble featuring two Match Betting legs and one Correct Score leg would also be Cash Out eligible if in-play. 
• A Treble comprised of 2 Match Betting legs and one 1st Goal Scorer selection would not be eligible for Cash Out because 1st Goal Scorer is not a Cash Out eligible market at this time.
What Bet Types does Cash out apply to?
Win single bets and accumulators up to 20 fold. 
Permutation bets do not qualify for cash out. For example: Trixie, Yankee, Lucky 15, Patent, etc.
Cash Out is not available for bets placed with bonus funds.

Why wasn’t my Cash Out request successful?
Cash Out offers are not guaranteed. If there is a movement in the underlying market prices, this can result in your Cash Out request being unsuccessful. In cases where a cash out request is unsuccessful, please wait for a new Cash Out value to appear automatically and try again.
Why does my Cash Out say Suspended?
There are several reasons why Cash Out may be suspended. The most common reasons are;
(1) the event relating to that bet is not being offered in-play. If the event or market is not in-play, we are unable to produce cash out offers. 
(2) Something has happened that has forced us to suspend betting, for example a goal or a sending off. When betting is suspended for any reason, cash out on that market will also be suspended.
Why is there a delay when I try to Cash Out?
We impose a time-delay on Cash Out requests when 1 or more legs of the bet are in-play. This is a standard in-play betting feature.

Service Interruption
Whilst we will make every effort possible to ensure that our Cash Out facility is offered when intended, we are heavily reliant on 3rd party data providers for our in-play product. Should we suffer a service interruption our Cash Out service will be affected and we will not be held responsible for any downtime.

Why is Cash Out not available on more sports and markets

We have made a decision to release our latest version of cash out for football and Tennis only as we believe this is where the biggest demand is for the feature. In due course we will extend the facility to more sports, more markets and more bets types including permed multiples.
Can I Cash Out bets that are on different sports and Markets
Yes, as long as your bet consists of sports and markets that we support for Cash Out then bets on different sports and markets will be available for Cash Out. For Example:

• A Treble where 2 legs of the bet are (Football) Match Betting – 90 minutes market and the other leg is (Tennis) Match Betting , this would be eligible for Cash Out;
• A Treble featuring one (Football) Match Betting leg and two (Tennis) Set Betting legs would also be Cash Out eligible;
• A Treble comprised of 2 (Football) Match Betting legs and one (Tennis) Next Game Winner leg would not be eligible for Cash Out because (Tennis) Next Game Winner is not a Cash Out eligible market at this time.

What is Partial Cash Out?

Partial Cash Out is a feature that allows you to cash out a part of your bet, rather than the whole amount.

After I Partially Cash Out my bet has a different stake, why is this?

Once you have performed a Partial Cash Out we will calculate the remaining stake and this will be the stake that you will see in the Cash Out Zone for the remainder of your bet. You will also notice a new potential return has been generated.

Can I partially cash out the same bet more than once?

Yes, as long as the cash out value is more than £1.00 you can partially cash out the same bet multiple times.

Is partial cash out available for all my bets?

Yes. As long as your bet is on our selected cash out sports/markets and has a cash out value of at least £1.00 then partial cash out will be available.

Why isn’t Partial Cash Out available?

Partial cash out is only available for bets that have a cash out value of at least £1.00.

Is Partial Cash Out available for bets placed using bonus funds?

No. Only bets placed using real money are eligible for cash out.

What is Bank My Stake?

This is a feature that allows you to partially cash out your bet for the value of your stake. Clicking on this button when you see it will result in your original stake appearing within the green cash out button and you’ll see the indictor on the slider move position also.

Why isn’t Bank My Stake available?

Bank My Stake is only activated when the Cash Out value for a bet is greater than the stake of the bet.

Cash Out Feedback
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